Work Together Wednesday
Posted on 04.13.2016, Wednesday

Today is “Work Together Wednesday” of Week of the Young Child (WOYC), and we’d like to show our appreciation today for the local government and community leaders who work together with us to support young children and families. The Durham City Council and the Durham County Board of County Commissioners recognized the annual WOYC celebration with a Proclamation, both of which included the following points, among many others:

  • Making sure children are ready to learn is a community endeavor that involves parents, child care providers, policy makers, businesses, congregations and community agencies.
  • Collaborative services, family support and education can help break the cycle of poverty that affects more than half of Durham’s children and create opportunities in early childhood that have a lasting impact in the community

This critical work cannot be done without the commitment of many partners from all sectors of the community. We’re grateful to have such extraordinary support at both the City and County government levels. Our collaborations and mutual accountability run deep – from distribution of public dollars, to partnerships and initiatives, to Board and Committee membership. Our local government’s work in addressing the needs of Durham’s residents helps to guide our work and makes a difference in the lives of children.

Both Proclamations celebrate our youngest learners and recognize that the ages of birth to 5 build the foundation for success in school and life. There are only 2,000 days between the day a child is born and the time that he or she enters kindergarten, and support from our community and local leaders makes a huge difference during those first 2,000 days. Thank you for working together with us, today and every day!

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