Wonderschool + Smart Start

Wonderschool + Smart Start

Smart Start has partnered with Wonderschool to offer free tools for child care providers who run FCC programs and centers to manage their business.


What is Wonderschool?

Wonderschool is a platform that empowers child care providers to find new families, manage their programs, and run their businesses. The mission of Wonderschool is to ensure that all children have access to high quality early childhood education that helps them realize their potential.

Benefits of Wonderschool:

✔ Easy-to-use website and marketing tools

✔ Access to a community of providers

✔ A mobile app for parent messaging, communication, and attendance tracking

✔ Online enrollment management tools

✔ Automated billing tools to streamline payments

✔ Helps providers save time on administrative tasks

✔ Helps providers get new enrollments

Why should providers use Wonderschool?

By using the Wonderschool platform, providers same time on many of the day-to-day administrative tasks needed to run their program. Wonderschool helps providers with everything form getting new enrollments to collecting tuition online.

Free Wonderschool for Durham County providers:

Providers who are a part of Smart Start in North Carolina get access to Wonderschool’s tools for free. Get started by claiming free access to Wonderschool.

Have any questions about Wonderschool? Email us at hello@wonderschool.com!

Get free access to Wonderschool >


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