Women’s arm wrestling competition this Saturday to benefit Durham Connects
Posted on 05.12.2014, Monday

This Saturday, May 17th, our friends at Durham Connects will be the beneficiary of an event hosted by the League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women of Durham (LUEWWD). The knock-down, drag-out arm wrestling competition will take place at Social (1007 W. Main Street) from 7:30-11:30 pm. All the proceeds from ticket sales ($5 admission), donations (click here to donate), and bribing the judges (highly encouraged!)  will go to Durham Connects. You can make general donations which will be counted toward the total funds raised, or you may “vote” with your dollars for a specific contestant – including Durham Connects Director Jeannine Sato a.k.a. Jolly Gestational Giant!

LUEWWD strives to improve opportunities for women and girls through hosting creative community-based women’s arm wrestling competitions to raise funds for organizations supporting women and girls in Durham. It has raised more than $50,000 to date!

Durham Connects is a non-profit program of the Center for Child & Family Health that provides free nurse home visits for all parents of newborns in Durham County. Their mission is to improve child and family well-being, and they have visited more than 6,000 families since 2008.We are proud to call them a partner in our early childhood efforts here in Durham, and we wish them good luck in this unique and fun event!

*LUEWWD loves kids! Durham Connects loves kids! But this event is not for kids. It’s a night to leave the little ones at home and enjoy being a grown up.

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