Why a Pre-Kindergarten Education is Important
Posted on 02.17.2023, Friday

During the early preschool years, children develop vocabulary and language skills, are introduced to a wide variety of materials, and begin to learn skills, such as working with peers and collaborating on projects.

NC State College of Education Assistant Professor Michael Little, Ph.D., says

“Oftentimes, when children attend high-quality and effective Pre-K programs, they get a really great boost in early skills that set them up for success in elementary school,”

NC PBS provides helpful information about North Carolina’s Pre-Kindergarten curriculum for families and teachers.

PBS Early Learning Resources

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) says that kindergarten readiness is not just about knowing the ABC’s and 123’s, or other academic measures of preparation for pre-K aged children. “People used to think children were ready for kindergarten if they could say the ABC’s, count, identify colors, and write their first name. Readiness was always more complicated than that, and new brain research is helping us understand what readiness really is. Readiness doesn’t mean just knowing the academic basics. It means a child has a willing attitude and confidence in the process of learning: a healthy state of mind.”

To start your pre-K search, you can get a listing of pre-K programs that meet your family’s criteria by calling the Child Care Referral Central program at 1-855-327-5933, or by going online and signing up for Durham pre-K.

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