We Love Our Teachers, so Let’s Pay Them!
Posted on 02.14.2019, Thursday

What is WAGE$?

The Child Care WAGE$® Program, a program funded through The Partnership’s Smart Start allocation, provides education-based salary supplements to low-paid teachers, directors and family child care providers working with children between the ages of birth to five. The program is designed to provide preschool children more stable relationships with better-educated teachers by rewarding teacher education and continuity of care.

THE TURNOVER RATE of early educators is impacted by the economy as in every industry. With the economy improving and higher paying jobs more available, the lowest paid positions are increasingly vulnerable to high turnover rates. The turnover for early childhood teachers for our youngest children, earning an average of only $10.97 per hour in NC, may increase. This makes the WAGE$ salary supplements even more critical to North Carolina!

The Child Care WAGE$ Program, funded through Durham’s Partnership for Children’s Smart Start allocation, positively impacts teacher retention and makes it more possible for educated professionals to afford to teach young children!

Child TRENDS reports on how WAGE$ programs across the country share common retention outcomes. Frequent staff turnover in early care and education (ECE) programs is a widespread issue that has been associated with negative outcomes for ECE programs and providers, as well as the children they serve.1

Direct feedback from Durham’s Child Care WAGE$ Program:

“It encourages the teachers, especially those that have a degree, to stay in the field despite the low wages.” (Durham Teacher)

“Staff is geared to sign up for higher education and their morale is high.” (Durham, Director)

“It will help me feel that not only can I do what I love, but I can survive the paycheck from what I love to do!” (Durham Teacher)

Learn More about The Child Care WAGE$® Program near you!

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For more information please contact Alee Lacalamito at alee@dpfc.net

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