What Are We Doing? – Wake Up Everybody
Posted on 06.19.2020, Friday


What Are We Doing? – Wake Up Everybody


This time in our nation is such a pivotal and thought-provoking time. We can’t help but ponder on our nation’s past while simultaneously thinking of possible solutions to move us forward. It is impossible to ignore the physical as well as the moral pandemic that is continuing to persist. It’s flooding our news outlets and our homes. Fortunately, there is hope for our future, we just have to instill in the future generations to collectively lead the country in a direction where all are valued and respected. We urge everyone reading to take the time and have a healthy discussion with your family while also thinking of things you can do to make a change in your community. In an exercise to support your reflection, consider pausing to listen to the relevant lyrics from the song “Wake Up Everybody” by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes feat. Teddy Pendergrass. This song is not only a song of reform and change, it is a song of awareness, hope, and accountability that we all can take notes from.


Wake up, everybody
No more sleepin’ in bed
No more backward thinkin’
Time for thinkin’ ahead
The world has changed
So very much
From what it used to be
There is so much hatred
War and poverty, whoa, oh

Wake up, all the teachers
Time to teach a new way
Maybe then they’ll listen
To what you have to say
‘Cause they’re the ones who’s coming up
And the world is in their hands
When you teach the children
Teach ’em the very best you can

[Chorus: Teddy Pendergrass]
The world won’t get no better
If we just let it be, na, na, na, na, na, na
The world won’t get no better
We gotta change it, yeah
Just you and me


 Question of the Week:


Question: What is the difference between home-based and center-based in the Durham Early Head Start program?

Answer: On the application, parents/guardians must indicate if they would prefer home-based or center-based. The home-based portion of Early Head Start is where Home Visitors come to your home to administer activities that encourage parents as teachers. It is provided by the Center for Child and Family Health. The Home Visitor will provide activities based on what the parents observe as a need for their child. Expecting families automatically be considered for the home-based portion. The center-based portion of Early Head Start is closer to a traditional Pre-K classroom where children receive a full 10-hour day at one of our partnering child care facilities. Families can indicate their preference to be on the waitlist for both options, but once you are accepted in either home-based or center-based, you will be removed from the other wait list. For more information and to apply for Durham Early Head Start, visit https://dpfc.net/our-work/durham-early-head-start/

Pregunta de la semana:

Pregunta: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre el programa Early Head Start de Durham, basado en el hogar y en el centro?

Respuesta: En la solicitud, los padres/tutores deben indicar si prefieren el programa con base en el hogar o en un centro. La parte basada en el hogar de Early Head Start es donde los Visitantes a Domicilio van a su casa para administrar las actividades que alientan a los padres como maestros. Es proporcionada por el Centro para la Salud del Niño y la Familia. El Visitante de Casa proveerá actividades basadas en lo que los padres observen como una necesidad para sus hijos. Familias esperando un bebé son consideradas automáticamente para la porción basada en el hogar.La porción basada en el centro de Early Head Start es más parecida a una clase tradicional de Pre-K donde los niños reciben un día completo de 10 horas en una de nuestras instalaciones de cuidado de niños asociados.  Las familias pueden indicar su preferencia de estar en la lista de espera para ambas opciones, pero una vez que sea aceptado en la parte basada en el hogar o en el centro, será eliminado de la otra lista de espera. Para obtener más información y para solicitar el programa Durham Early Head Start, visite 



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