Volunteer to help children and families during Kindergarten Registration Week!
Posted on 02.23.2016, Tuesday

In our ongoing effort to ensure that children in Durham County are prepared for success in school, Durham Public Schools and Durham’s Partnership for Children are co-hosting Durham’s 2nd Annual Kindergarten Registration Week, beginning March 19th and culminating in the Kindergarten Registration Celebration on March 24th.

Entering kindergarten is one of the most significant events in a young child’s life, as it sets the tone for his or her entire educational experience and lays the foundation for future success in school. A smooth transition to kindergarten is a shared responsibility among many individuals and institutions, and it is our goal that all children in Durham will enter kindergarten feeling excited, ready to learn, and supported by their schools, families and community!

During Kindergarten Registration Week, we hope to increase the number of children registered and in school on the first day of kindergarten in 2016. Throughout the week, we will be distributing registration packets to provide parents with all of the information and forms they need to ease the process of registering for school. In addition to distributing packets to rising kindergartners in DPS classrooms, child care centers and partner agencies, we are also partnering with some wonderful local businesses in order to meet families out in the community. We are in need of a large number of volunteers, so we hope you’ll join in the fun and take part in the important work of preparing children for school.

Please click here if you’re interested in volunteering!

This year, we are also hosting a Kindergarten Registration Celebration to close out the week! This event will feature food trucks, games, crafts, prizes and more fun activities, while also giving parents the opportunity to ask questions and get tons of resources, schedule their child’s health assessment, and register their rising kindergartners on the spot. Please click here for more information!

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