Upcoming Transition to Kindergarten Events  
Posted on 08.04.2023, Friday

We are thrilled to announce that Durham’s Partnership for Children is hosting an exciting series of events this August to help ease the transition of your little ones to kindergarten. Our “Popsicles on the Playground” events have been specially designed to make this significant milestone in your child’s life a fun and memorable experience. 

Key Points: 

Kindergarten Registration: During the “Popsicles on the Playground” events, parents can easily register their children for kindergarten. Our team of dedicated professionals will be on hand to assist with the registration process and answer any questions you may have. 

Meet the Teachers: This is a wonderful opportunity for your children to meet their new teachers in a relaxed and friendly setting. Getting to know their teachers before the first day of school can help ease any anxiety they might have about starting kindergarten. 

Playground Fun: Kids will have the chance to explore the playground, play games, and make new friends. This playtime is a perfect way for children to become familiar with the kindergarten environment and enjoy some outdoor fun. 

Learn about Kindergarten Expectations: We understand that starting kindergarten can be a big adjustment for both children and parents. During the events, we will provide information about kindergarten expectations, curriculum, and how you can support your child’s development during this crucial time. 

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