The More We Get Together
Posted on 07.30.2021, Friday
For many of us, memories of our childhood are filled with timeless nursery rhymes and nostalgic toys that bring us joy. Educational shows like Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Reading Rainbow, Sesame Street, and Barney to name a few, helped us lay the foundation of education while highlighting conflict resolution social skills that are necessary to function. Somewhere in our journey to becoming adults we lose some of the valuable lessons we learn as children in regard to how we work together in this world we coexist within. The 1976 nursery rhyme “The More We Get Together” reminds me of how interdependent many of our respective areas of work are. Within the early education community whether you are a parent, teacher, childcare provider, non- profit or legislator; we all play a part in the health and happiness of the community! The more we get together to advocate, educate and shine a bright light on the needs of our community the more positive change we will see. The concept, although generally the same, grows more complex as you grow. So no, it’s not just as simple as getting together and being happy in the form of instant gratification. However, the longevity and sustainability of the early education community can lead to a happier and healthier system thee more we rally together. I think we can all agree the state of early education needs improvement to ensure that our children are getting quality childcare and the infrastructure is sustainable. The advocacy we choose today will ensure the success of our children in the future, so let’s get together for early education! 
“The more we get together 
Together, together 
The more we get together 
The happier we’ll be 
‘Cause your friends are my friends 
And my friends are your friends 
The more we get together 
The happier we’ll be” 


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