Join us for Take Care Tuesday with MindPath
Posted on 04.23.2021, Friday

Mental and emotional health for teachers has been such a priority during the pandemic. Teaching is already a difficult profession. Juggling personalities, creating lesson plans, and most importantly getting to know your children to assist them in their road to success in the classroom.  Educators are met with low wages coupled with a high workload and pressure they face to provide children a high-quality education. The Partnership would like to invite the Educators in our network to enjoy next Weeks Take Care Tuesday.


April’s Take Care Tuesday is focusing on “Maintaining Mental Health for Teachers During the COVID-19 Curriculum Adjustment”! Our special guest is MindPath Care Centers featuring Christopher Riggan, MSN, PMHNP. MindPath Care Centers is committed to providing the highest quality and most comprehensive outpatient mind care to help people of all ages navigate life’s challenges, whenever and wherever they need it. As North Carolina’s largest outpatient mental and behavioral healthcare provider, MindPath prioritizes accessible care, now offering collaborative care services, including psychotherapy and medication management, at over 20 locations across NC as well as online via telehealth. To help everyone seeking treatment, MindPath’s 165 providers participate in most major insurance plans, often including Medicaid.


To take advantage of this resource be sure to follow us on all social media sites. Take Care Tuesday will be available Tuesday, April  27th at 11:30 am EST.



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