Report shows children of color in NC face numerous barriers to success
Posted on 10.26.2017, Thursday

A new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation shows that children of color in North Carolina face numerous barriers to success. The 2017 Race for Results report explores the intersection of children, opportunity, race and immigration. It features updated data  using a numerical index of one to 1,000 to measuring how children are progressing on key milestones by race and ethnicity at the national and state levels.

In the index, North Carolina received a score of 375 for African American children and similarly low scores for American Indians and Hispanics. Children of color in NC face significant barriers to progress in education, health, and economic milestones, and they are too often bearing the brunt of the disparity in our society.

For America to reach its full economic, democratic and moral potential, all children must have the opportunity to grow, develop and thrive. We know what children need: strong families; environments that support healthy early brain development; and the opportunity to develop social and emotional skills. – 2017 Race for Results report.

Since the last Race for Results report published in 2014, the national percentage of children who live in low poverty neighborhoods worsened significantly. The report offers recommendations for helping children in these families secure the stability, economic resources and opportunities all of the nation’s children need to thrive.

To view the full 2017 Race for Results report, please click here.

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