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Posted on 09.27.2016, Tuesday

Today is National Voter Registration Day. With Election Day just a couple of months away, now is the time to make sure you are registered to vote so you can make your voice heard for children and families! The deadline to register to vote is October 14th.

cts0vdlweaicewxEarly childhood issues are a rare point of agreement during this contentious election year. Politicians and voters on both sides of the aisle agree that expanding access to affordable child care to strengthen families is critical. A recent poll commissioned by the First Five Years Fund with a bipartisan polling team found that 78% of Trump supporters and 97% of Clinton supporters support expanded access to early childhood education. Child care and paid family leave were both mentioned early in the first Presidential debate last night by both candidates.

Now, more than ever, voters are ready for policymakers to act on the issue and provide better early childhood education opportunities.

Children cannot advocate for themselves, and as a result, their needs are often not addressed in public policy. Durham’s children need you to be their voice! Stay informed on the issues and speak up about the importance of a child’s early years. Let everyone know that investing in early childhood is the best investment we can make. This election year, let’s make sure that early childhood education gets the attention it deserves as a critical issue for candidates at a national, state-wide, and local level.

How can you help? Learn more about where our presidential candidates and our gubernatorial candidates stand on education issues and what they have done to support young children. Ask questions and find out more about how each candidate plans to address the critical issues facing families in this country. Connect to what’s happening at the NC State Legislature so that you can take action when critical issues arise. Make your voice heard, and become an advocate for young children and families in Durham, North Carolina, and across the country. And most importantly, make sure you are registered to vote and go vote on November 8th!

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