Ready4K: Empowering Parents for Early Language and Literacy Development 
Posted on 07.14.2023, Friday

Durham’s Partnership for Children recognizes the importance of early language and literacy development in preparing children for success in school and beyond. To support parents and caregivers in this crucial task, The Partnership has secured the services of Ready4K, a free text message curriculum designed to equip them with the knowledge and tools needed to foster their child’s language and literacy skills from birth to the age of eight.  

Accessible and Supportive: 

Ready4K offers a user-friendly platform that operates through text messages, providing parents and caregivers with bite-sized steps to nurture their child’s growth as a reader. This curriculum is available in both Spanish and English, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of families within the community. The program not only provides guidance but also delivers continuous encouragement and support to parents throughout an entire year. 

Weekly Text Messages: 

One of the key features of Ready4K is its weekly text message system. Each week, parents and caregivers receive three text messages that are tailored to their child’s developmental stage. These messages may contain facts about literacy milestones, practical tips for incorporating literacy activities into daily routines, or messages that inspire growth and progress. By breaking down the process of growing a young reader into simple and achievable steps, Ready4K empowers parents to make a meaningful impact on their child’s language and literacy skills. 

Maximizing Existing Routines: 

Ready4K encourages parents and caregivers to integrate language and literacy activities seamlessly into their daily routines. For example, a text message might suggest searching for the first letter of the child’s name on a cereal box during breakfast, turning it into an engaging game. This approach ensures that learning becomes a natural part of family life, making it enjoyable for both the child and the caregiver. 

Signing Up is Easy: 

Durham’s Partnership for Children has made signing up for Ready4K a straightforward process. Interested individuals can simply text “DPFC” to 70138 or visit the provided link to register and start receiving the text messages. By taking this simple step, parents and caregivers can unlock a wealth of valuable information and resources to support their child’s language and literacy development. 

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