#ReadWhereYouAre today!
Posted on 08.05.2016, Friday

Today is national #ReadWhereYouAre Day! #ReadWhereYouAre is the U.S. Department of Education’s annual call to action which encourages more reading time out of school, especially over the summer months, as a part of the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative.

Read Where You Are

Reading over the summer makes a big difference during the school year. When children aren’t in school, they forget crucial skills they learned during the year. This phenomenon, known as summer learning loss, is particularly detrimental for children from low-income families and for new readers, like those who are just finishing kindergarten. With limited access to books and other academic opportunities in the summer, it’s estimated that summer learning loss accounts for 80% of the income-based achievement gap.

Today, make the commitment to help all young people, from the earliest readers, to high school students, to strive to read more – wherever they are. Participating is easy – simply share a photo online of yourself reading, wherever you love to read, and use the hashtag #ReadWhereYouAre!

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