Participate in a Child Trends study for parents with young children
Posted on 11.16.2017, Thursday

Child Trends, in conjunction with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is conducting a research study on parents’ knowledge about child development.

Parenting knowledge is essential for child well-being and parent health.

Parents who understand child development are better equipped to care for their children and to foster their healthy development compared to parents with less knowledge. Current research on parenting knowledge is limited and insufficiently nuanced, and the field is only beginning to explore cultural, socioeconomic, and other factors that are related to parenting knowledge.

This project aims to identify effective ways to communicate research-based information about parenting and child development to new parents so that they are better equipped to support their children’s healthy development. The study consists of a one-time, two-hour long focus group with parents 18 years old or older whose children are all between the ages of 0 and 5. During the focus group, parents will discuss several topics, including:

  • What parents know about parenting and early childhood development
  • What parents want to know or wish they knew before becoming a parent
  • Where parents get their information as well as sources they trust
  • Potential barriers to turning knowledge into actions and behaviors

Participants will receive $50 for participating in the study, and food is provided. For more information and to sign up to see if you qualify, please click here. For a flyer to share with other parents, please click here.

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