Parent Advocacy Opportunity!
Posted on 03.25.2022, Friday

Durham’s Partnership for Children was a recent awardee of Every Child NC’s Mini Grant. This grant opportunity will allow us to host a Parent- Led Advocacy Cohort! DPfC will have two opportunities to participate in this program, the first beginning in May! In these workshops we will go over what advocacy looks like for parents, guardians and family members within the early education community in Durham County. A large part of advocacy is pairing personal experience with a larger socioeconomic issue that affects many. This workshop will help our families understand how their voice amphiphiles the collective cause. Advocacy starts within your network and this workshop will assist you in advocating for Durham’s young children.  


Registration for the Parent Led Advocacy Cohort will be available in April. The workshop consist of 3 1- hour sessions (2 via zoom, 1 in person) that will run from May to June. There will be a $100 stipend awarded upon completion of the full workshop!  


If you have any questions about the upcoming Parent Led Advocacy Cohort, contact Kayla Grigsby or Katie Starr .  

Upcoming Outreach Events:

DPfC is at Lincoln Community Health Center every Tuesday from  9 am-12 noon! We are also doing outreach

outside of the DSS Building on East Main Street every Wednesday from 8:30-11:30 AM!

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