What is Ready4K

Ready4K is a free text message curriculum for parents and caregivers of children age birth to eight that gives them the information they need to help build their children’s language and literacy skills by the time they start kindergarten. The Partnership believe Read4K is a tool that compliments all the work we do here in Durham County.

Available in Spanish and in English, Ready4K breaks down growing a young reader into small everyday steps that are easy to achieve. In addition to guidance, the program also provides continuous encouragement and supports to parents over an entire calendar year. Each week, Ready4K will send three text messages to parents and caregivers. The information is always developmentally appropriate and is either a fact, tip, or a message encouraging growth. Each text will help parents and caregivers build their children’s language and literacy skills by maximizing existing family routines in fun and easy ways. Sign up is simple!


Text: DPFC to 70138

or sign up here!

By texting DPFC to 70138 or by clicking the link below you are automatically registered to receive texts.

Sample Texts

• FACT: Before children can learn how to read and write, they need to know the letters of the alphabet. Letters are the basic building blocks of written language.
• TIP: At breakfast, hunt for the first letter in your child’s name on the cereal box. Who can find it first? Can your child find all of the letters in their name?
• GROWTH: Keep hunting for letters to prepare your child 4K! Now after your child finds a letter, ask: What sound does it make? What else makes that sound?

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Brittany Gregory, Director of Programs, at or (919) 403-6960 ext. 224.


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