National Provider Appreciation Day- Thank You for All You Do!
Posted on 05.07.2021, Friday

Today is National Provider Appreciation Day. At Durham’s Partnership for Children, we work alongside Child Care providers daily and we would like to acknowledge them for their hard work and dedication! Child care providers have been essential to society long before the rise of the pandemic. Providers have played an essential role in building a foundation for our children’s success. Child care providers enable parents and families to go to work knowing their children are in a safe and high-quality learning environment. We encourage parents and community members to show our Child Care providers some appreciation for being leaders in the classroom for the children in our community. One act of appreciation could be signing the Worthy Wages Petition advocating for our early child care educators to receive adequate wages. You could also simply show your appreciation for them by creating a handmade card with your children. However you may choose to show your provider’s appreciation, ensure that it is filled with love and kindness. If you are a Child Care providerin lieu of Mental Health Awareness Month, we would like to show our appreciation by sharing ways you can be kind to yourself today! Thank you for investing time into our children’s lives.

Self- Care for Educators and Providers

Ways to Show Provider Appreciation


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