New Year’s Resolutions Your Kids Can Make and Keep: A Guide by Durham’s Partnership for Children 
Posted on 01.26.2024, Friday

As we hop into a brand-new year, it’s the perfect time for our little ones to join in the fun of setting goals and creating exciting adventures! New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for grown-ups; they’ also opportunities for kids to discover new experiences, make friends with habits, and learn super cool skills. In this playful blog, brought to you by Durham’s Partnership for Children, we’ll explore resolutions that are not only easy to implement into your child’s routine but also make exploring new experiences fun! 

Discover Awesome Hobbies: Let’s encourage our young learners to try out new hobbies and interests! Whether it’s painting, playing music, or trying a new sport, finding things they love brings big smiles and a feeling of “I did it!” 

Read More Fun Books: Dive into the world of stories by deciding to read more books together. Make a super-duper reading list and turn it into a family party! Reading not only makes words fancier but also turns on the imagination switch. 

Spread Happy Vibes: Be kind and spread happiness by doing small acts of kindness every day. Help a friend, share toys, or say a big “thank you.” Little things make big happy waves! 

Munch on Yummy Goodies: Let’s make yummy choices by promising to eat good, healthy stuff. Munch on colorful fruits, veggies, and drink lots of water instead of sugary drinks. Happy bodies love happy snacks! 

Jump, Skip, Dance: Shake off stillness by adding more fun moves to the day. Play outside, join a sports team, or dance to favorite tunes. Moving and grooving keeps everyone feeling fantastic! 

Super School Goals: Be a superhero learner by setting routines and exploring new books. Allow your learner to pick a new book from the library and explore the pages together! 

Say Thanks a Bunch: Show super thanks by saying “thank you” a bunch of times. Thank your teacher, appreciate family help – saying thanks is like sprinkling joy everywhere! 

Tiny Screen Time, Big Playtime: Let’s be screen time heroes! Decide on cool limits for screens and find other rad things to do, like playing outside, reading, or doing artsy stuff. 

Learn Cool Things Every Day: Dive into the sea of learning by finding something cool every day. A fun fact, a new word, or a cool skill – learning new stuff is like a treasure hunt for the brain! 

Celebrate Little Wins: Be your own cheerleader by celebrating every little win! No win is too small – it’s like collecting happy moments and growing your own confidence garden! 

As we leap into the new year, let’s help our little buddies make resolutions that make them grow, giggle, and feel super happy. When we make resolutions together, it’s not just a plan; it’s like creating a super awesome adventure map for the whole family. Let’s make this year the most amazing one yet! 

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