NC Pre K Teachers Zoom to the Rescue
Posted on 04.17.2020, Friday

NC Pre K Teachers Zoom to the Rescue

Coronavirus is the first virus to change a nation of “in class” learners instantly into homeschooled learners. Staying connected while far away is something The Partnership is doing from every possible angle.  These efforts range from providing parent and teacher resources on a weekly basis to accepting online Early Head Start applications.

This past week NC Pre K and Durham Pre k teachers came together on a collaborative zoom call led by The Partnership’s Pre K Quality Specialist, Taylor Young. During this zoom session, teachers shared their experiences in regards to distance learning and the obstacles that came with the rapid transition.

The Zoom Collab was designed to be both a professional development moment for teachers and an opportunity for peer interaction. This virtual space allowed teachers to debrief and share with their peers their hopes and challenges of serving children during this unprecedented time.

This particular group of Pre K teachers wanted to ensure their continuation in providing beneficial resources to their students, while simultaneously trying to refrain from overburdening parents.  When the Country is in a state of emergency and the World is suffering at the hands of a pandemic, it’s humbling to know these educators are being innovative and creative in supporting the learning experiences of children.  We want to extend our appreciation to all of the teachers that participated in the Zoom call and say Thank you!

4 Tips for Teachers Sifting to Teaching online:

Question of the Week:

Question: What is Ready4K and how do I sign-up?

Answer: Ready4K is a text messaging service for parents and caregivers with children birth to age 8. You will receive 3 text messages a week with tips, facts, and encouraging messages about supporting healthy development in your children, specifically focusing on their literacy and language skills. Ready4K has also adjusted their text messages to include the topic of COVID-19, sending messages about hygiene, coping with pandemic anxiety, and social connection in a virtual world. To sign-up, text DPFC to 70138. Text messages are available in English, Spanish, and Arabic.

Pregunta de la Semana


Pregunta: ¿Qué es Ready4K y cómo me inscribo?

Respuesta: Ready4K es un servicio de mensajería de texto para padres y cuidadores con niños desde el nacimiento hasta los 8 años. Recibirá 3 mensajes de texto a la semana con consejos, hechos y mensajes alentadores sobre el apoyo al desarrollo saludable en sus hijos, centrándose específicamente en su alfabetización y habilidades del lenguaje. Ready4K también ha ajustado sus mensajes de texto para incluir el tema de COVID-19, enviando mensajes sobre higiene, la afrontación de la ansiedad por pandemia y la conexión social en un mundo virtual. Para registrarse, envíe un mensaje de texto con DPFC al 70138. Los mensajes de texto están disponibles en inglés, español y árabe.

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