NC Pre-K directors receive dental health kits for young children
Posted on 09.05.2014, Friday

Yesterday, NC Pre-K directors from 13 child care centers received nearly 300 dental health kits to distribute to children enrolled in NC Pre-K!

The dental health kits include some basic supplies for proper oral health – including toothbrushes, toothpaste, washcloths, and flossing tools – along with fun activity booklets, coloring pages, crayons, and books for young children.

Efforts to create the dental kits first began in early spring during our 2014 Great Human Race campaign in which we raised nearly $3,000 in funds to address the crisis of poor dental health in young children. Thanks to generous donors and sponsors, as well as the hard work of our Project BUILD volunteers to assemble the kits, we were able to provide kits for all children enrolled in NC Pre-K this year.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project to improve dental health for young children in Durham!


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