Today is National Zoo Day!
Posted on 04.08.2022, Friday

Today is National Zoo Lovers Day! The Zoo can be an exciting place for your little one to explore how many amazing animals exist in this world. The zoo isn’t just a place where you can see animals you’ve never seen before, there is an opportunity to learn more about each animal’s role in the ecosystem. According to USA Today Travel (2019) here are 2,800 zoos and aquariums around the world and about 355 in the United States. These zoological centers give us an opportunity to learn about animals we otherwise would never see in our backyards. Many zoos are designed to help, protect and conserve wildlife. Visiting a zoo with your child can help them understand that the ecosystem is larger than them, and how we treat the environment we live in can affect these animals. At Durham’s Partnership for Children, we believe in learning through play, visiting a zoo is one way to explore your child’s interests and expand their horizons. North Carolina has some pretty amazing places to explore wildlife!  


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