Month of The Military Child
Posted on 04.15.2022, Friday

April is the Month of the Military Child! This month we take time to honor and acknowledge the children whose parents serve in the United States armed forces. Being a child of a soldier can be a challenging journey. There are many different factors like being moved every 3 years, being separated from friends and relationships built. Children of soldiers have to learn and adapt to new environments and care givers due to their parents working long hours or possibly on deployment. The experience of a military child, while challenging, is unique and educational. This month we encourage you to empower a military child! If you were a military child yourself, offering your perspective and advice to children who share similar experiences can be helpful when they deal with a difficult transition. If your child care facility doesn’t currently have military children, there is still an opportunity to educate and participate in activities that honor military children. These activities can bring awareness and help nonmilitary children empathize with other children of military families! 

 How to Observe Month of the Military Child

Month of the Military Child Ideas – Pinterest

Upcoming Outreach Events:

DPfC is at Lincoln Community Health Center every Tuesday from  9 am-12 noon! We are also doing outreach

outside of the DSS Building on East Main Street every Wednesday from 8:30-11:30 AM!

Durham Pre K Roll Up & Enroll – April 23rd  

Parent Led Advocacy Cohort

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