Leandro vs. NC- A 25 year Fight for Equitable Funding in Education
Posted on 07.31.2020, Friday


 Question of the Week:


Question: Where can I find more information about the changes that will occur in child care facilities?


Answer: The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services created a Child Care Public Health Toolkit with information and guidelines that child care facilities are expected to follow with the continued pandemic. Some of the information in this toolkit includes Pick-Up/Drop-Off Procedures, Cloth Face Covering guidelines, Cleaning and Hygiene procedures, and more. All child care facilities are expected to follow these procedures if and when they are able to reopen for the upcoming school year. You can view the toolkit at https://ncchildcare.ncdhhs.gov/Portals/0/documents/pdf/C/COVID-19_Public_Health_Toolkit_Child_Care.pdf?ver=2020-06-24-163232-533

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