Posted on 09.03.2021, Friday

It’s Labor Day weekend, typically a fun time for family and friends to relax and celebrate the American Workforce. The Partnership encourages you to celebrate safely and enjoy the fruits of your labor. While for many of us this is a much-needed day off, be mindful of those who may be in the workforce that day. If you get a chance show them you appreciate them! Labor Day is a great opportunity to teach your children the history of the day and its significance as well as the importance of the workforce and how it fuels the economy. Doing arts and crafts or hosting a neighborhood lemonade stand are ways to show your children the value of work and business! To celebrate Labor Day Weekend, we want to provide you some fun activities you can do with your children! 


PBS Kids| Labor Day 

Fun & Easy Labor Day Crafts| Pinterest 

Educational Labor Day Activities for Kids  

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