How to choose GOOD books for your child
Posted on 08.05.2022, Friday

As your child grows, great book recommendations will help them become passionate about reading and promote school success by developing vocabulary, writing, comprehension, and study skills. Durham’s partnership for children wants to help guide your thinking once you begin choosing books for your little one.

Before checking out at you public library, see how your selection rates by asking yourself:

Are these book recommendations age-appropriate?

Take note of the age guidelines and learning benefits of your selections. For your baby or toddler, board books constructed of sturdy cardboard and wipe able plastic titles make good choices. Older toddlers and preschoolers can handle paper pages and will delight in larger picture and lift-the-flap books that invite them to lose themselves in the story. The best books will grow with your child

What will my child learn from these book recommendations?

Books for babies and preschoolers tend to focus on basic concepts, like ABCs, feelings, or friendship, as well as use repetition, phonics, and other literacy tools to prepare him for reading. For an older child, consider how a book will develop her comprehension and vocabulary.

Is the subject matter of these book recommendations appealing me and my culture?

As a general rule, the younger your child is, the more stories need to speak to their life experiences. Ask yourself is this book culturally diverse? Does this book represent positive imagery of diverse cultures? Does it represent my family/child’s culture in an affirming manner? As your child gets older, fantasy becomes more important. Let their interests guide you, and be prepared to guide your little one towards books that display diversity, inclusion and cultural relevance.

Will my child find the text and illustrations of these book recommendations appealing?

In picture books, look for illustrations that catch your eye and familiar characters that will engage her attention. Your choices should invite your child to point, touch, and talk about the pictures. Also check for books that sound like they’d be fun to read out loud

If you haven’t already registered your children birth to 5 for DPIL, please do so by clicking this link to the registration form and sign up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Durham’s Partnership for Children and Smart Start provide this service so children will receive one high-quality, developmentally-appropriate book each month until their fifth birthday. There is NO COST or obligation to families.

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