How to celebrate the Holidays in an anti-biased classroom
Posted on 12.02.2022, Friday

Anti-bias education is not just doing occasional activities about diversity and fairness topics (although that may be how new anti-bias educators begin). To be effective, anti-bias education works as an underpinning perspective, which permeates everything that happens in an early childhood program—including your interactions with children, families and coworkers—and shapes how you put curriculum together each day. 

Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves by Louise Derman-Sparks and Julie Olsen Edwards – NAEYC 

Durham’s Partnership for Children wants to provide resources to help educators and families approach the upcoming holidays from an inclusive and socially responsive lens. These will help people who are wanting to teach about the holiday season in an accurate way that is still developmentally appropriate. Some of these resources are aimed at K-12 aged children but we encourage you to use their ideas to spark conversations amongst staff. 


Learning for Justice: Avoiding the Holiday 

NAEYC: Anti-Bias Education and Holidays – Making Thoughtful Decisions 
Anti-Defamation League: Consideration for Inclusive Holidays and Observances 


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