April is Financial Literacy Month! – Let’s Prepare our Children
Posted on 04.02.2021, Friday

April is National Financial Literacy Month! In recent weeks there has been a buzz about the newest round of Stimulus funds that have been approved for families and their children. We at The Partnership believe that this is an opportunity for the families we serve to teach their children about finances! Raising a financially responsible child is just as important to long-term success as any other discipline. Often times you hear stories of people who didn’t receive financial guidance as a child, in many instances their first encounter with independent finances were acquiring their first credit card in college. Teaching your kids about the value of money may come in many forms including taking them grocery shopping and providing them an allowance for chores. There are even resources like Acorns that allow you to start investment accounts for your Children! To celebrate Financial Literacy Month we encourage you to give your kids knowledge that will prepare them for success and sustainability well into their adult years!


Acorns: https://www.acorns.com/money-basics/investing/investing-for-kids/

The 5 Most Important Money Lessons to Teach your Kids:


Dave Ramsey: 15 Ways to Teach Kids About Money :



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