Durham’s Partnership for Children Joins EveryChildNC’s Rally, Advocating for Equitable Education
Posted on 06.23.2023, Friday

Introduction: Durhams Partnership for Children, an organization dedicated to promoting early childhood development and education, had the privilege of attending EveryChildNC’s rally at the North Carolina State Capitol. The rally, held on June 21, 2023, aimed to rally support for the implementation of the Leandro Plan. This blog recounts the event’s highlights and emphasizes the importance of equitable educational opportunities for all children.

Coming Together for a Cause: The North Carolina State Capitol served as a gathering point for concerned citizens, educators, parents, and community leaders who believe in upholding every child’s constitutional right to a sound, basic education. Due to the recent rainy NC weather the rally was relocated to Edenton Street United Methodist Church. The rally provided a platform for individuals and organizations to join forces and make their voices heard.

Supporting the Leandro Plan: One of the primary objectives of the rally was to advocate for the implementation of the Leandro Plan. This comprehensive plan strives to address the barriers that hinder equitable educational opportunities for all children in North Carolina. By supporting this plan, EveryChildNC and its partners aim to ensure that every child receives the quality education they deserve.

Engaging Discussions and Inspiring Speakers: The rally featured an array of inspiring speakers, including community leaders and education experts. Danielle Caldwell, ECE advocate and current Durham’s Partnership for Children School Readiness Committee member shared her insights and experiences while working in early childhood education for the past 30 years. Mrs. Caldwell’s words shed light on the significance of the Leandro Plan and the harmful consequences of voucher systems. Participants had the opportunity to engage in thought-provoking discussions, exchange ideas, and strengthen their commitment to advocating for equitable educational opportunities.

Uniting for Change: Durham’s Partnership for Children was thrilled to be a part of this rally and stand alongside EveryChildNC and other organizations that share the common goal of providing our community with valuable information about the educational system in North Carolina. The event reinforced the importance of collaboration and collective action in driving meaningful change in North Carolina’s education system.

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