Durham Tech Students Assemble Blast Off to Kindergarten Kits
Posted on 03.31.2014, Monday

image (2)Earlier this month, a large group of Durham Tech students enthusiastically assembled nearly 300 Blast Off to Kindergarten Kits in support of the Partnership’s Transition to Kindergarten Initiative, a joint effort between the Partnership and Durham Public Schools. Partnership staff delivered boxes full of educational materials to the campus and students quickly demonstrated their collaboration skills, work ethic, and giving spirit as they diligently worked together to sort them into kits for rising kindergarteners.

Many of the volunteers were students enrolled in the community college’s Early Childhood Education program. They were inspired by their understanding of how important materials such as books, puzzles, scissors, crayons and paper are in stimulating young minds and preparing them for success in school. Countless young children in Durham do not have access to these basic educational tools and the Partnership relies on the hard work of our volunteers to help us get more kits into the hands of the children who need them the most.


We really appreciate the time all of our volunteers devote to supporting young children! You can learn more about our volunteer opportunities by clicking here or by contacting Krissy Dunn at krissy@dpfc.net or (919) 403-6960, ext 230.We would like to extend our gratitude to our fantastic Durham Tech volunteers and a special thanks to the Durham Tech staff who helped us coordinate this project: Erin Riney, Coordinator, Service Learning and Sally Palier, Volunteer Services Coordinator.


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