Durham Head Start grand opening
Posted on 09.19.2014, Friday

Durham Head Start welcomed the community to the agency headquarters today for their grand opening ceremony!

The agency, which provides services for three and four year olds in Durham, is re-opening after transitioning to a new grants administrator, the Chapel Hill Training-Outreach Project (CHTOP). The event was a wonderful celebration of all of the collaborative partnerships in our community that help to make this important work happen.

“We are very appreciative of the warm welcome and goodwill that the Durham community has provided us,” said Durham Head Start Interim Project Director Terry David. “Countless individuals and organizations have reached out to help us get our program up and running.”

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CHTOP is the delegate agency that oversees day-to-day operations for Durham Early Head Start, for which the Partnership is the grantee. We look forward to working with CHTOP in new ways to continue doing what is best for young children and families. One of our key collaborations with Durham Head Start is through our administration of the NC Pre-K program, and we will continue to work closely with them to serve those at-risk 4 year olds who participate in NC Pre-K through Head Start classrooms.

image (3)Classes for NC Pre-K students in Head Start classrooms will begin at the Leathers-Meachem Center next Monday, September 22, and all other classrooms will open on Monday, September 29. Since the transition to CHTOP this summer, a staff of 84 has been hired, many of whom worked for the program previously. The program will serve 323 three and four year old children and their families in five locations around Durham.

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