North Carolina Providers Get Free Access to Wonderschool
Posted on 05.14.2021, Friday

North Carolina Providers Get Free Access to Wonderschool

Child care providers play such a vital role in our communities. As we start to shift toward the new normal and transition back to everyday activities, it will be all the more important to make sure providers have the tools needed to run their family child care programs and centers.

Wonderschool is a platform that helps family child care and center providers to earn more and save time. In addition to their software solution, Wonderschool also offers a community of child care experts and peers, in addition to a library of resources for curriculum planning and running a child care program.

Wonderschool helps providers with everything from getting new enrollments to collecting tuition online. By using the Wonderschool platform, providers save time on the day-to-day administrative tasks needed to run their program. If you are a child care provider, you get a free website, tools for billing, communicating, and your local organizations can support you better.

Because Smart Start has a partnership with Wonderschool, providers who are a part of Smart Start in North Carolina get access to Wonderschool’s tools for free (typically this costs $150 / month for providers). Sign up for free access to Wonderschool here.

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