Day 7: connecting our community
Posted on 12.09.2016, Friday

The Early Childhood Training Institute (ECTI) was established in 2015 to create an environment in Durham in which young children are raised in healthy, affirming, and supportive families.

This initiative provides training for multi-disciplinary professionals who work with vulnerable families to ensure that children grow up to be resilient adults who can cope with adversity, strengthen their communities, constructively participate in civic life, and nurture the next generation.

Using the Durham Touchpoints Collaborative as it foundation, the ECTI trains providers in Touchpoints and addresses additional needs identified by providers, including racial equity, poverty and toxic stress, and mental health.

The ECTI serves as a collaborative platform for providers, emphasizing a common language and a consistent, strengths-based approach that honors the fact that a parent is their child’s first and best teacher.

This important role is amplified when children are not in formal early education programs, and in fact, parenting style and the home learning environment are two of the most significant predictors of cognitive performance among young children. Engaging parents in ways that honor their expertise and build on their understanding of their children’s development is critical to school readiness success.

Untitled-1Through programs like the ECTI, we hope to change the way systems, providers and families work together. Please donate to the Partnership today in order to help us continue to connect our community for the long-term benefit of children and families.


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