Day 6: learning through play in NC Pre-K
Posted on 12.08.2016, Thursday

A young boy sits at a table and carefully arranges colorful puzzle pieces until they complete the picture. A group of children play “school” and take turns being the teacher and students. During circle time, the children all sit with anticipation on a carpet while their teacher reads a favorite story, inviting questions, predictions and reflections throughout the book.

These children are all engaged in educational activities in a high-quality NC Pre-Kindergarten (NC Pre-K) classroom right here in Durham.

They are creating, playing, problem-solving and learning in a well-designed child care center based on principles of child development.

In an NC Pre-K classroom, activity centers are arranged and stocked with materials that encourage exploration, inspire the imagination, require initiative, and prompt collaboration. A caring, educated, and responsive teacher guides the important learning that takes place, ensuring that all of her students will be ready for kindergarten.

The statewide NC Pre-K program prepares eligible 4-year-olds for school by providing high-quality early education in both public and private settings. The Partnership administers the program in Durham County. NC Pre-K is designed to serve children who will benefit most from services, and the program currently serves 464 children in 11 classrooms in Durham Public Schools, 4 Durham Head Start classrooms, and 19 classrooms in private child care centers.

Many extensive studies have found that NC Pre-K has a significant positive impact on children’s educational development. Furthermore, the positive impact of NC Pre-K extends to reach participants’ peers. The program improves the overall quality of early education in our state and improves the school readiness of entire classrooms of children, allowing educators to teach to a higher level.

Untitled-1We want all children in Durham to enter school ready to succeed. Please make a gift to the Partnership today to support programs, like NC Pre-K, that help us achieve that goal for many young children in our community!



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