Day 2: the early years are learning years
Posted on 11.30.2016, Wednesday

The early years are learning years!  There are only 2,000 days between the time a baby is born and the time that child enters kindergarten.

During that time, brain architecture is forming, creating the foundation for all future learning.

The brain is literally built and wired during infancy. Early childhood is a time of rapid cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and motor development growth, with neural connections forming at a pace of 700 per second! The brain’s capacity for making connections for vision and hearing peak at just 4 months; for language at 9 months; and for higher cognitive functions at 1 year.

The very architecture of our brains – and even our long term physical health and well-being – is significantly shaped by our earliest experiences. Genes are only part of the story. So, keeping in mind how early experiences actually build brains, think about the many children in our community who do not receive the high-quality early education, support, nourishment, and interactions with caring adults that they so desperately need. It’s easy to understand how the achievement gap is evident long before children start school.

Untitled-1However, it is also during this time that there is the greatest opportunity to make the most powerful impact. Will you help us make that impact and change the trajectory of a child’s life? Donate to the Partnership today!





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