Combat Obesity | Childhood Obesity Month
Posted on 09.17.2021, Friday

Childhood Obesity is a complex health issue that occurs when a child is well above the normal or healthy weight for his or her age and height according to the CDC. There are different factors that contribute to childhood obesity 2 of which are genetics and behavior. Of the two categories genetics are a lot more difficult to change. However, healthy behaviors practiced in everyday life can help reduce childhood obesity and its consequences. Similar to having a proper educational foundation like Early Head Start and PreK, establishing healthy eating habits early contributes to a child’s overall success. Childhood obesity can contribute to high blood pressure, diabetes, breathing problems and more. These are all issues that most of us don’t want for our children. The best thing we can do to assist our children in leading healthy lives is influence healthy habits! Healthy habits you can practice with your children to fight obesity are eating healthy balanced meals with a high nutritional value, getting physically active and creating an environment for these habits to thrive! During Childhood Obesity Month we want to ensure you have resources to help your child combat childhood obesity and ensure your success in that journey! 



Dietary Guidelines For Americans| 2020-2025 

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans| 

Durham Parks & Recreation | Recreation Centers  

Durham’s Innovative Nutrition Education (DINE)| Early Childhood Nutrition 


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