Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Communicating Difficult Topics with our Children
Posted on 10.01.2021, Friday

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. During this month our children may ask questions surrounding events for Breast Cancer Awareness. We often times steer away from explaining difficult topics with our children. Breast Cancer walks and events can spark questions for your children and we should be able to answer them. Getting your children involved in giving during this time teaches them how to empathize with and value others. Breast Cancer not only effects the person with the diagnosis but it impacts their families as well. Durham’s Partnership for Children wants to help you and your family with resources to explain Breast Cancer Awareness to your children. If you are a parent currently diagnosed with Breast Cancer, we would like to empower you to give your children the best information possible to equip them for the journey to come! 


National Breast Cancer Association INC: What is Breast Cancer 

Getting Kids Involved with Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

13 Books about Cancer to Help Them Cope 

 How to tell your kids you have breast cancer 

The Kids Guide to Mommy’s Breast Cancer 




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