Be Kind to Humankind Week!
Posted on 08.20.2021, Friday

As children return to school and parents get back into their routines, we want to observe this past week was Be Kind to Human Kind Week. While you may be reading this at the end of the week, the principal of this observance should be practiced regularly. BK2HK was started by Lorraine Jara in August 1988.Tragically 2 men from her hometown were involved in a boating accident, where people who passed by witnessed the incident and did nothing resulting in a casualty. In honor of this tragedy, she started BK2HK to encourage people to be kind to one another. In the spirit of BK2HK, we understand everyone has been subject to the tragedy of Covid-19 and the struggles it has highlighted within our society. The Pandemic caused unemployment, shifts in childcare, amongst other factors. As children are returning to class, educators and parents are showing up daily to new and uncertain protocol, we ask you to be kind to one another. As our Executive Director Danielle Johnson often says “Give grace for the space”, meaning give grace to people as we navigate this new space together. It is important that we remember we coexist in this space together and what we do affects others! We hope this will serve as a reminder to not only be kind to others, but to be kind to yourself as well! Here are some things you can do to practice kindness daily:

  • Speak Kind words

  • Practice forgiveness

  • Sacrifice your wants for someone’s need

  • Do something thoughtful

  • Lend a helping hand

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