Celebrating the Bilingual Child!
Posted on 10.15.2021, Friday

Are you a parent or teacher to a bilingual child? Well, this month is Celebrate the Bilingual child month! Bilingual children are children who speak two or more languages. Due to English being the most commonly known and taught language in the United States, many children may hesitate to share their language with others. This month encourage your child to share their language with others! If you are a teacher of a child who is bilingual empower them to share their culture and language while providing a safe space for them to do so! Not only is this liberating for the child to understand their culture and language is welcomed in that space, you introducing a skill and language to the English-speaking students. As we empower our bilingual children to be proud of their language, we are also exploring embracing differences in others.  


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How Do Babies Become Bilingual? Video 



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