Back to School Prep:: Immunization and Well Child Checkups
Posted on 08.06.2021, Friday

August is National Back to School Month as well as National Immunization Awareness Month! As most of us prepare our children to go off to school for the 1st time or as we reintegrate into the classrooms, we want to be sure our children are prepared! Now that you have taken the first step and identified a  licensed childcare facility whether it be Early Head Start or Durham PreK, or a family childcare home.  You will need to make sure your child’s immunizations are up to date according to NCDHHS. Part of ensuring children arrive at school ready to succeed is to provide resources on health, dental, and overall physical child wellness.  Now as schools and educational settings reopen for the fall/start of school, immunizations, and physicals will be needed to finalize the enrollment process.  

Below we have provided North Carolina Immunization and Physical information from Durham County and North Carolina Department for Health and Human Services. Be sure to check it out and apply for Early Head Start or Durham PreK if you haven’t already!


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