Asian & Pacifica American Heritage Month  
Posted on 05.13.2022, Friday



May is Asian Pacifica American Heritage Month. This is an opportunity to explore and appreciate the culture and customs of Asian & Pacific Island Americans. America is said to be the melting pot with a mixture of people from all over the world and a plethora of diverse backgrounds. Many times, our exposure to different cultures and customs is directly related to our proximity to the people who are a part of that community. Durham’s Partership for Children serves many types of families residing in Durham County. As it is a priority for our organization to be as culturally sound as possible, while doing so we encourage you to celebrate Asian & Pacific American Heritage Month! Here are some activities you can do with your child to educate and explore the Asian and Pacific Islander culture more! 

  • Eat Asian & Pacific snacks or foods 
  • Explore Asian and pacific areas on a map or globe 
  • Learn new words or phrases in their native language 
  • Explore literature about Asian & Pacific Island life or by an API author 
  • Listen to music from Asian and Pacific Island culture    

18 Exciting Books for Kids Featuring Asian and Pacific Islander Characters 

Upcoming Outreach Events:

DPfC is at Lincoln Community Health Center every Tuesday from  9 am-12 noon! We are also doing outreach

outside of the DSS Building on East Main Street every Wednesday from 8:30-11:30 AM!

Roll up & Enroll| May 14th [English] [Spanish]

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