ABC’s of Active Reading
Posted on 05.29.2019, Wednesday

Summer is fast approaching and with it comes the added pressure of summer reading. Don’t STRESS! There are many ways you can make reading more enjoyable and engaging for young children, and anyone can do it!

Even if you’re not confident in your own reading, you can still engage children while looking at a book! Active reading means you read with a child rather than to a child. As long as you follow your ABC’s of reading you will be fine. So what are the ABC’s?

A = Ask Questions

Ask the child open ended questions that would prompt the child to respond with more than a yes or no. Use a question such as, “What do you think will happen next?” Think of the words: Who? What? Why? How?

B = Build Vocabulary

Try to demonstrate the new word in order to build the child’s vocabulary. With a new word like whisper try actually “whispering” when you say the word.

C = Connect to Kids’ Worlds

Relate things happening in the story to what kids know in their own world. Use daily life examples that encourage children to connect their lives with the story. For example, if a character went to the laundromat, say, “She went to the laundromat. Where do you go on errands?”

Often times with young children you will read a book again and again. Don’t let this discourage or bore you. Instead, think of new ways to engage with the book and the child. With a very familiar story, ask your child to explain what happened. Let the child recall the order of events, or make up a new ending.

Just remember, every time your child talks about the book you are reading, they are actively reading!


For more tips and information check out the Active Reading at Read Charlotte.

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