Focusing on Social and Emotional Needs in the New Year!
Posted on 01.20.2023, Friday

Durham’s Partnership for Children wants to ensure that while we are setting goals and growing in the New Year, we focus on the emotional needs of our children and ourselves! 

NAYCE suggests that “While in the COVID-19 era, it’s equally important is attention to social and emotional needs. As educators respond to developing guidance from the CDC, and local/state health agencies, about best practices for implementing changing health and safety practices in 2023, it’s also important to consider the social and emotional needs of young children who are experiencing many shifts in their early childhood settings.” 

Family engagement has always been key in supporting young children’s development and learning. Also, culturally responsive approaches to early-childhood education promote healthy emotions in children and families. This involves educators engaging deeply with diverse cultures going beyond affirming, but valuing a student’s culture and practices. Culturally responsiveness provides a foundation for teaching which supports children to maintain their personal culture whilst also supporting them to actively participate in their education using the cultural tools to aid learning.  

Please see the resources below that address supporting healthy social-emotional learning at home and at school! 

Additional Resources from NAYCE: 

Culturally Responsive ECE Resources: 

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