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  • Delighting in Your Child’s Interests: Fostering Loving Relationships 

    08.25.2023, Friday

    In the journey of parenthood, one of the most beautiful aspects is discovering the unique interests and passions that make your child who they are. These interests are like windows into their world, providing you with an opportunity to connect on a deeper level and foster a strong and loving relationship. At Durham’s Partnership for Children, we believe that embracing and encouraging your child’s interests can lay the foundation for a bond that will last a lifetime.

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  • Nurturing Resilient Communities: Highlights from the Pre-K Summer Institute 2023 

    08.18.2023, Friday

    At Durham’s Partnership for Children, we are committed to providing the best possible early childhood education for our young learners. This commitment extends beyond the classroom and into the community, as we recognize the vital role that resilient, self-healing communities play in fostering children’s growth and development. The Pre-K Summer Institute, held on August 17th and 18th, 2023, was a transformative event that equipped our dedicated teachers with invaluable tools to create such communities. We were honored to have Interface Family Services lead the training on “How We Can Create Resilient, Self-Healing Communities,” empowering our educators with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate trauma-informed teaching. 

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  • The Power of Partnership: Nurturing Teacher Growth through Technical Assistance Coaches 

    08.11.2023, Friday

    In the dynamic world of early childhood education, the journey of a teacher is filled with continuous learning and growth. Durham’s Partnership for Children recognizes that just as young minds

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  • Upcoming Transition to Kindergarten Events  

    08.04.2023, Friday

    We are thrilled to announce that Durham’s Partnership for Children is hosting an exciting series of events this August to help ease the transition of your little ones to kindergarten.

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