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  • Guiding Your Childs Behavior

    08.26.2022, Friday

    As preschoolers head back to school they are learning by watching everyone around them, especially their parents.  They need supportive, understanding adult guidance and teaching to help them learn and

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  • Trauma Sensitive Classrooms

    08.19.2022, Friday

    A significant number of children experience trauma, and the effects can be profound. It is important that children enter an educational setting that is safe and trauma sensitive where the

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  • Five Resources to Foster Early Math Learning

    08.12.2022, Friday

    Math is one of my favorite subjects to teach as a licensed North Carolina educator and former math teacher. The question I used to get from parents all the time

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  • How to choose GOOD books for your child

    08.05.2022, Friday

    As your child grows, great book recommendations will help them become passionate about reading and promote school success by developing vocabulary, writing, comprehension, and study skills. Durham’s partnership for children

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