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  • ABC’s of Active Reading

    05.29.2019, Wednesday

    Summer is fast approaching and with it comes the added pressure of summer reading. Don’t STRESS! There are many ways you can make reading more enjoyable and engaging for young

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    05.14.2019, Tuesday

    Have you heard about Durham PreK? Pre-K is just around the corner and the Partnership, CCSA, and Durham Co want you to be informed. Linda Chappel, Senior Vice President CCSA

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  • Let’s Talk Census

    05.09.2019, Thursday

    In North Carolina and across the US, we struggle to adequately count children. But what does that mean for the decade to follow? Did you know that 73,000 NC children

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  • Teacher Appreciation Day!

    05.07.2019, Tuesday

    Educators build the future of Durham one child at a time. The work they do is extremely important and the Partnership recognizes their value. The Child Care WAGE$® Program, funded

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