12 Days of Giving: Day 12
Posted on 12.18.2015, Friday

There are only 2,000 days between the time a baby is born and the time that child enters kindergarten. During that time, brain architecture is forming, creating the foundation for all future learning. It is our job – all of us – to support healthy development in those early years.

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The first 2,000 days are a crucial window to create the best possible outcomes in education, health, and economic prosperity, and to build a successful future both for individuals and for our community. High-quality early childhood programs have a lasting impact, and investing in a child’s early years is one of the best investments we can make.

Durham, along with many communities, is undoubtedly facing some tough challenges, but our opportunity lies in early childhood. The work we’ve talked about during the 12 Days of Giving and throughout the year is important, effective, and urgent. And we can’t do it without your help.

Children only have one chance at childhood. They can’t afford to wait, and neither can you. Help us make the first 2,000 days the beginning of a lifetime of possibility and potential for all children in Durham. Make your gift today! 

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